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The Morro Cartel is a drug trafficking organization with roots in Puerto Sidra. It is currently led by the ruthless Arberlaez family. The Arberlaez family has ties with known terrorist organizations around the world.  They are well connected, well-funded, very well armed and well organized. The organization is involving in not only the narcotics business, they deal in black market arms, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), human trafficking, and terrorism. It is estimated that the cartel produces an average of $7 Billion a year. The head of the family is Pedro Arberlaez, better known as El Tigre (The Tiger). See intel report for more detail.


The Morro Cartel expanded its operation in the region after a failed attempt by the government to capture or kill General Vonk.  Prior to that, the cartel run a very low key operation and stayed below the radar.  The cartel has been producing and shipping narcotics in the region for over 10 years.  A DEA undercover agent during a seizure discovered documents and some evidence of the existence of the cartel; both the agent and a reporter resulted in casualties of the cartel.

The identity of the members of the Arberlaez family has been kept a secret, and the only ones who know their identities are the underdogs of each part of the operation.  The DEA Agent Frank Russo was able to send a report with information on relating to the cartel, there is a file hidden in the village that was left by the reporter and which contains evidence of the cartel operations in the region.

​The cartel started to do business with “The Hand” a criminal organization who controls the arms black market in the area and the only organization that can supply the materials for the successful production of narcotics.


Maintain the business running, Manage the four aspects of the cartel operation, keep the identity of the head of Morro Cartel a secret.  Manage the organization by keeping up with production, completing distribution runs, influencing local officials, criminal organizations and the FLN and maintaining control of the area.


The Morro Cartel has its business divided in four areas of operation which are managed by an under boss:

  1. Security. The cartel uses the FLN to provide security in the area and maintain control of the locals.  The FLN controls the major roads and have checkpoints along the routes to and from the village.  The village is currently controlled by the FLN. Security is managed by General Vohn, a ruthless ex-general of the Antares Army gone rogue.  He is in control of a battalion size force of guerrilla soldiers, a mix of mercenaries and former soldiers.  He has a special forces strike squad that provides close security for the Arberlaez Family and which he common use the rain terror on the villagers and locals. See intel report for a detail profile.
  2. Production. This part of the operation is managed by “El Cuate” who coordinates with the local criminal organization to acquire materials for the production of narcotics. See intel report for detail profile.
  3. Influence.  This part of the operation is managed by “La Gringa”, she has files on every official in the region and uses that information to influence local authorities to look the other way.  She also has contacts internationally and spies within the village that keeps her informed of all that happens in the region.  She has at least two judges on her payroll that facilitate the release of members of the cartel.  There are rumors that the mayor of the village may be on the cartel payroll.  See intel report for a detail profile.
  4. Distribution. This part of the operation is managed by “El Pollo Loco” a former member of “The Hand”.  The cartel paid him better and on time.  He has been running distribution with success for over 8 years and he always makes delivery.  See intel report for a detail profile.

What to expect if you want to be part of El Cartel del Morro:

This game side is designated for players who enjoy role playing.  This game side is developed for people who wish to have fun LARPing and who also have intensive game experience.  This game side requires disciplined players to fulfill and comply with rules of engagement.  As a member of El Morro Cartel, you will be required to execute missions related to keeping the business running, maintain high levels of negotiation with the FLN and the Criminal Organization, purchase supplies, pay off authorities and actively seek out ways to make and establish absolute ruling over the region. Members of the Cartel should know:

  • Use of Night Vision Googles/Night Vision Devices
  • Know basic radio communication protocols
  • The security force need to know small unit tactics and understand bodyguard protocols
  • Know how to operate vehicles in a tactical faction
  • This game side follows no rules, they are very volatile, quick on the trigger and trust no one

Dress Code:

  • Uniform: Civlian clothes. Non cammo jackets and or pants.
  • Head Gear: Baseball cap, no hat. No cammo pattern of any type
  • Body Armor: All types of gear and harness.
  • Replica Types: No specific types

We will enforce the dress code rule very strictly.  Fail to comply fully with this rule will result in extended respawn time of 2hrs per game life.