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The Jungle Operations Training Center was located in Fort Sherman and Fort Gulick area of ​​the Panama Canal Zone.

These forts are located in the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, near the city of Colon. Fort Sherman operated the jungle warfare combat training school where the special forces of the United States Army prepared before deployment to the Vietnam War.

These installations, with unique characteristics throughout the American continent, will be the stage where Operation WARLAND 2018 will take place.

Here the participants of WARLAND will have an experience that is impossible to find in other scenarios of the continent, since it consists of a real coastal military base, with an impressive system of fortifications designed to withstand an aerial, maritime and terrestrial attack, surrounded by a demanding Rainforest and with marine and fluvial coasts.

Facilities like these exist very few in the world and only in places as distant as the islands of Japan, some places of Europe and Asia, and to those that are active at the moment they do not have access to civilians nor Milsimmers.

This is the perfect scenario with which every Milsimmer dreams, and even more so if the dynamic of the event brings together all the ideal ingredients for special forces driven ops.