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The FLN (National Liberation Front), is a guerrilla force led by General Alistair Vonk. Like all movement of national liberation, the FLN looks for the independence of the region of San Vasco. To fund his military campaign, General Vonk provides security for Cartel del Morro,. members of his personal protection team are former special forces operators from the US, Rusia and France. General Vonk´s army is decently equipped and averagely trained.  The Cartel del Morro has provided well paid instructors to train General Vonk’s troops. General Vonk as made alliances with “The Hand” in order to get weapons, equipment and ammunition needed to continue the fight against the government.

During early 2017, the FLN hired the PMC SPARTANS to augment their forces against an allied offensive; but, during a failed attempt by Task Force 36 special forces operators to capture him, General Vonk shot the SPARTANS operations chief then sent a strike team to eliminate him on his team in an attempt to take control of the mining operation; the strike team was intercepted by special forces operators from TASK Force 36.

​General Vonk has assumed control of the region and has several outposts to maintain that control.  The FLN as a few SAM sites that provide Surface to Air defense as well as 108 mm Mortars in key locations to provide indirect fire support.  Income from the Cartel and intercepting the mining company convoys has been lucrative and money to sustain his army is no longer an issue.  His relationship with “The hand” is critical for the distribution and production of the cartel operations, as well as been the source for resupply of ammunition and drug making supplies.

​General Vonk has two lieutenants under his command who exercise control over the guerrilla forces.  One is in charge of the special reaction team and the order of the strike teams. See Intel report for details.


The National Liberation Front was created by General Alistair Vonk in January 2017 after a failed attempt to overthrow the government of San Vasco. General Vonk was betrayed by many of the senior officers who disagreed with his ideals and principals.  The President of San Vasco ordered his immediate arrest, he fled the capital and toke shelter in the jungles, taken with him 40% of the Army and 30% of the special forces strike teams as well as his personal security detail. The President in fear of a reprisal requested support from the United Nations who immediately deployed troops into the country to provide security for the capital and prevent and attack from General Vonk.

General Vonk was approached by a member of el Cartel del Morro and was recruited to provide security for the cartel operations.  Since then, General Vonk has seized control of the area and started a reign of terror.  He has allied his self with a criminal organization called The Hand.  He has deployed troops and setup a MOB and several outposts to maintain control of the area, he has check points controlling the main supply route and he deploys patrols to ensure no one gets out of line.

It is not confirmed, but rumors are, he controls an Army close to a Brigade strength, the Hand has supplied him with SAMs, 81mm Mortars and 108mm Cannons.  But, the later has not been confirmed.  A CIA report indicates that General Vonk is stockpiling WMD somewhere in the Jungle. During the month of April, a shipment of bomb making materials was tracked to San Lucas Port; but the Coast Guard was unable to intercept the ship.  CIA satellites lost the cargo when the trucks entered the jungle.


​The FLN primary mission is to maintain control of the region, support the Cartel del Morro drug trafficking operation by providing security.  Repel occupational forces and keep business with the Cartel and The Hand organization flowing.


FLN is organized close to an infantry Brigade with Artillery support, air to surface missiles, strike groups similar to infantry squads, technical vehicles, and several special forces teams.


This game side is designated for beginner to advance MILSIM players.  Members of the FLN should know:

  • Use a Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Use Night Vision Googles/Night Vision Devices
  • Know basic radio communication protocols
  • The security force need to know small unit tactics and understand bodyguard protocols
  • Know how to operate vehicles in a tactical faction
  • Must have the physical conditions to cover some distance during the event
  • This game side follows no rules, they are very volatile, quick on the trigger and trust no one


  • Uniform Cammo: Green based camouflage such as Woodland, Marpat, AOR2, Kryptec Highlander, A-TACS FG, OD, Multicam Tropic, Caiman, etc.
  • Head Gear: All FLN will require to wear berets, patrol caps, bandanas, balaclava, head wraps, shemaqs, etc.
  • Body Armor: only chest rigs or LBVs
  • Replica Type: No specific type.

The uniform standard will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with the uniform dress code will result in an extended respawn of 2 hours per game life.