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TF36 is the Republic of Antares Long Range Reconnaissance Force, made up of elements of 26th Ranger Battalion and 5th Marine RECON with air support from the 99th Airmobile Squadron.

DEA Fast Team 3 has been attached to Task Force 36 to aid with direct actions against the Cartel.

Task Force 36 can deploy anywhere in the world with only 18 hours’.


Task Force 36 was established during operations in 2017 in response to the need for a quick response force that could infiltrate, recon and conduct counter-guerrilla operations against occupied FLN forces in Farallón.  During this operation, Task Force 36 primarily focus on anti-guerrilla operations, destabilization and denial of the advance of FLN forces.  They were unable to capture General Vonk, who escaped with most of his forces to the North.

When the Task Force was first developed it included two special forces operational detachments and was commanded by a Special Forces Commander.  After close consideration from HQ, these operational detachments were detached and reassigned to JSOTF Wolfpack.


The Rangers primary mission is to engage enemy forces in close combat and direct fire battles.  These mission includes direct action operations, raids, personnel and special equipment recovery, conventional or special light infantry operations, Anti-narcotic missions, Communication Intelligence Reconnaissance and Action (CIRA).


TF36 is a battalion size element which consist of a HQ company and four Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Companies with average of two platoons per company, further broken down into squads and teams with emphasis on light infantry. Only one Sniper and one DMR per LRRP team, one Light Machine Gun or Heavy Machine Gun per squad unless its designated as a machine gun team. ​ Each company will have a senior medic and one medic per squad.



This game side is designated for intermediate to advance MILSIM players.  Members of TF-36 should know:

  • How to navigate with map and compass
  • Use a Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Use Night Vision Googles/Night Vision Devices
  • Know advanced radio communication protocols
  • Know how to operate using small unit tactics
  • Must have the physical conditions to cover some distance during the event and strictly obey the chain of command.


  • Uniform Cammo: Rangers will use Tan based camouflage uniform such as DCU, Multicam, and A-TACS AU; 5th Marine RECON will wear AOR 1.
  • Head Gear: All TF-36 will require the use of helmet.  Helmet covers/colors should match the uniform pattern.  Only Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Teams are authorized the use of Bonnie hats in matching uniform pattern.
  • Body Armor: The use of Plate carriers is mandatory for all TF36 personnel. LRS teams can use chest rigs or LBVs.

We will enforce the dress code rule very strictly.  Fail to comply fully with this rule will result in extended respawn time of 2hrs per game life.