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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions!


  1. Do I need to have a high level of fitness to participate in WARLAND?
    A good physical conditioning will be enough. Players need to be aware they will be exposed to physical activities. Lots of walking, lack of comfort and sleep. Players with some specific medical requirements such as heart problems, diabetes, allergies etc. must report to medics on the offzone before game start for checkup.

  3. How will be the aspect of rest, since there will be three days of uninterrupted fighting?The time that all forces spend in resting will depend on how effective the commanders for each faction manage their resources and comply with the objectives. This will be nonstop, around the clock operation. The rest is up to each operator decision but remember that even when you are sleeping, the fight will go on.

  5. What about toilets, baths and personal hygiene as they are three days of combat?There will be toilets in each of the bases for all factions, there will be no showers at the game spot but we´ll try to have access to showers at the end of the operation so participants can refresh themselves from the heat of the battle.

  7. How about food? There will be available or do I have to bring my own food?Yes, there will be refreshments in the offzone and in game bases at affordable prices. There will be bottle water, sodas, energy drinks, alcohol free beer as well as plenty of food. It will be strictly prohibited to consume any alcohol or illegal drugs during the event. All caught violating these rules will be expelled from the game and banned from the premises of the game area.  We will provide enough drinking water in each faction bases so all operators remain hydrated.

  9. I know this is a 100% milsim event, but I only have hi-caps magazines. So, I will not be able to participate?
    There is a strict no hicap rule in place. We suggest you procure some midcaps or real caps before attending WARLAND.

  11. Should I bring my tent and sleeping bag as it will be 2 nights on the field?
    Yes, you should bring your tent and sleeping bag, or just a sleeping bag and mosquito net as the possibility of rain is almost zero at this time of year in Panama and there are many military installations where you can sleep inside. Please note that only tents with military colors or green will be allowed to enhance the realism. If you have colorful tent you must cover it with camo net or green tarmac.

  13. Should I take a lot of batteries for my AEG since they are many hours of combat?
    There will limited points for batteries recharge within the battlefield. Still we recommend to bring at least two batteries per replica.

  15. Can I smoke, do a bonfire on the field?
    No. It is prohibited to make open fires in the game zone or the surrounding areas. A nonsmoking rule will be strictly inforce. Use designated smoking areas for smoking.

  17. My team and I do not have 100 % milsim knowledge. Will this be a problem?
    No. The design for Operation WARLAND is not only to test the teams that already are 100% milsim oriented with their equipment and tactics, but also provide the contact and exchange of experiences between teams from around the world, regardless of their different levels of milsim knowledge. We are confident that with this exchange we’ll have more efficient and skilled teams for the next editions of Operation WARLAND.

  19. What to do in case of an accident?
    In the case of any health related accident the game will stop and all participants would be expected to assist the injured player while immediately alerting the Organizers. All participants shall carry a first aid kit in their webbing. Professional Medical First Aid assistance will be available in the Offzone. All Game participants travelling to Panama from abroad should double check whether they need to be additionally insured for the trip. The Organizers will not be liable for any hospital bills should they occur. You can find all emergency numbers and radio frequencies on the back side of the map you receive on registration.