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I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE and COVENANT NOT TO SUE “ACE OF SPADES, S.A”, a company registered under the Panamanians laws, its officers, agents, employees, and/or any other affiliate to “ACE OF SPADES, S.A.” services (here in after referred to as “WARLAND” from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising of or related to any loss, damage, injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belongings, while participating in a WARLAND event, or while on or upon the premises where such event is being conducted, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH LOSS ARE CAUSED BY NEGLICENGE OF WARLAND.

I am fully aware of all the risks and hazards involved with attending the WARLAND event in the Republic of Panama, including the risk of injury, damage, or even death and I hereby elect to voluntarily participate in these activities, knowing that such activities may be hazardous to my health and/or property. I voluntarily assume all responsibility for any risk or loss, property damage, personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or any loss or damage to property owned by me, as a result of participation in these activities, whether caused by the negligence of WARLAND or otherwise.

I acknowledge, agree, and certify that I understand the nature of AIRSOFT (contact activity that involves shooting with BBs, and other related simulated game activities, at other teams or persons to accomplish an specific mission or objective) and that I am experienced, qualified, in good health, and in proper physical and mental condition to participate in such activities. I further agree and warrant that if at any time I believe conditions to be unsafe, I will immediately discontinue further participation in the activity. I also acknowledge, agree, and certify that I understand that AIRSOFT practices uses unwritten standards such as eyewear goggles protection, helmet, body protection, etc., and that I will use them all the time, and is my responsibility to be prepare with all necessary equipment and protection to participate in the event at all times. In addition, as the game location is outdoors, conditions might be adverse and extreme, and agree to assume all risks and other possible situations presented under these conditions (weather, animals, terrain, and lack of resources).


The event may have additional activities such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling, water immersions, use of ropes and strings for rappelling, running, jog, and any other activities that might arise during the event organized by WARLAND. If I participated in any of these activities, I understand that they are dangerous, that I have the skills and training to perform them (certifications by recognized diving center, etc.) associated activities I understand that there is the risk of death, and serious injury from these activities such as decompression sickness, lung expansion injuries, air embolism, equipment failure, physical exertion, nitrogen narcosis, deep water blackout, oxygen toxicity, hypoxia, entanglement in/or missing guidelines or floating devices safety or anchor lines, and exposure to the sea, sea life, undersea wrecks, natural and artificial reefs, current, caves, caverns, weather, boats and their equipment, and other divers. I expressly and voluntarily assume all risks related to such an activity. I further understand that such activities may take place in remote areas and a recompression chamber, which may be required to treat any injuries I may receive, may not be close. I assume all responsibility by this waiver and state freely that I will not held liable WARLAND by any accident or death arising from my participation in these activities.


By participating in any event organized by WARLAND you consent to being filmed, taped, interviewed, photographed, and recorded (the “Recordings”) during and in connection with the event by WARLAND, its vendors, partners, affiliates and/or representatives. You also agree that WARLAND may use, publish, edit, incorporate and otherwise exploit (and to authorize others to do the same) any Recordings (including your name, voice, image, likeness, personality, situations and events) as they deem fit to use them, including in connection with any promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, exhibition, streaming, webcasting, reproduction or other publication of these materials by and through any and all media regardless of the purpose of such promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, exhibition, streaming, webcasting, reproduction or other publication (collectively, the ‘Uses’).
You also release WARLAND, their employees, and each and all persons involved with the Event from (i) any and all liability connected with the Recordings and the Uses, and (ii) any and all claims that you have or may have for infringement of proprietary rights, invasion of privacy, violation of the right of publicity, defamation or any other cause of action you have or may have arising from or in connection with the foregoing. By entering the Event premises, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any Recordings and Uses irrespective of whether a fee for admission or sponsorship is charged. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any Recordings and Uses.
In addition, the Event will be monitored for unauthorized recording. By attending the Event or entering the Event premises, you agree not to record or digitize any parts of the Event. If any person or 3er party that brings any digital or manual device to the Event records you, the content of such media is not controllable by WARLAND and therefore we cannot assure the usage of such content. By participating in the Event, you fully disclose and dismiss any legal action by use of any Recording made relating to the event, even if a different person, associate or party other than WARLAND, made the recorded.
You agree you have been fully informed of your consent, liability waiver, and release before participating in WARLAND event.
WARLAND reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to (i) refuse to accept or to retain any person as a registrant of the Event, at any time in its sole discretion, and (ii) make such alterations to the program, or any part of it, in any manner and at any time, as it deems necessary or desirable.
WARLAND does not guarantee that any materials related to the Event, such as maps, agendas, programs, etc. are available to every attendee.


The registrant agrees to conduct his/herself in a cordial manner. WARLAND will not tolerate any registrant who creates a disturbance; is disrespectful to any other registrant, any member of WARLAND, its speakers and attendees, exhibitors, volunteers or staff. WARLAND reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to investigate any complaint and to dismiss any registrant found by WARLAND, in its sole discretion, to have violated the Event Rules, without refund of registration fees.
It is my expressed intent that this release and hold harmless agreement shall bind the member of my family and spouse if I am alive, and my heirs, assigns, and personal representative if I am deceased, and shall be deemed as a RELASE, WAIVER, DISCHARGE and CONVENTION NOT TO SUE ACE OF SPADES, S.A. I hereby further agree that this liability waiver and hold harmless agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of Panama, and that any mediation, suit, or other proceeding must be fled and entered into only in Republic of Panama and its court system.
By electronically signing this agreement, I acknowledge and certify that I have read the foregoing Liability Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement, understand it and sign it voluntarily as my own free act and deed, no oral representation, statement, or inducement, apart from the foregoing written agreement, have been made; and I execute this release for full, adequate, and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by the same. My signature is proof of my intention to unconditionally execute a comply with the LIABILITY WAIVER AGREEMENT to the full extent of the law. I certify that I am 18 year of age or older, and that I have truthfully filled the information in the inscription forms and other documentation requested by WARLAND in a responsible, accurate, and real manner (I will not lie, missed or omit any information requested by WARLAND), and that I am mentally competent to accept into this waiver.