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For all operators

Please read the general rules for the event. You can download the document in PDF Format here.

If you have  any question feel free to contact us.

1.0 General Rules

1.1 Safety first!

Every player participate of the game at his/her own risk.

It’s mandatory for every player to obey the game rules, the event rules and organizational instructions. Game area is quite devastated area full of deep holes, rusty metal, and bricks rocks etc. We highly recommend to wear helmets and gloves, kneepads and other protection stuff including face protection masks if you’re allowed by your dress code. For night game, we highly suggest to participate only if you are very skilled and highly protected and equipped. Operators need to be very cautious when entering buildings. Extreme caution is needed in the night time!

Bring light devices flashlights and proper face protection for night missions. NVG are highly useful.

While packing lightly don’t forget to have good sleeping bag.

If you feel sick or ill immediately visit the medical tent locate in the off zone.

If you feel tired, rest

Drink enough water so you are not dehydrated, Panama is hot and humid, you´ll need plenty of water.

1.2 Eye protection:
Every participant must wear protection goggles thought the game all the time even during in game sleeping. It is recommended to use protective facial masks inside buildings where shooting would be on short distances. Gloves, Helmets Kneepads are more than recommended.
Players are responsible for their own safety.

1.3 Pyrotechnics:
Home made Smoke grenades, Tear gas and all types of pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited on the game unless previously authorized by the organizers. Violation would lead to game ban.

1.4 What to do in the case of the accident:
In the case of any health accident the game is stopped and each of the participants must help the wounded as much as he can and inform the game organizers. Each participant must have own first aid kit and need to provide help until the paramedics arrive.

1.5 Non game civilians:
In the case of spotting non game civilian it is important to stop the game by shouting CIVILIAN and to cease fire. In case of any conflict with non-game civilian please call the organizers.

1.6 Physical contact:
All physical contact is banned, except the game searches and knife kill rule explained bellow. Violation would lead to removing of the participant from the game. No refund will apply in that case.

1.7 Game language:
Basic languages for the game are English and Spanish.

1.8 In game sleeping:
When sleeping in game you must have protection goggles all the time. Game would not be stopped in the case you want to pack your things because of early departure from the game. For people who want to have a good sleep it is recommended to sleep in the off zone in the designated area.

1.9 Building ofF bases and barricades:
It is allowed to use rope as a barbed wire, to set up camo nets, sand bags and building of defense posts. Also set up of lights is allowed. After the event everything must be put back to how it was. It is not allowed to barricade in the houses.
It is strictly prohibited to dig to ground and to cut or damage living vegetation. If you need to create some defensive position build it from the fallen branches or your own tarp and tarmac. Violating digging rule will lead to game ban.

1.10 Common sense and good behavior:
It is strictly prohibited to insult other players no matter what. Use common sense and don’t argue or start verbal fights. Disputes shall be discussed with organizers in the off zone.

1.11 Game BAN

In the case of violating any of the event rules and regulations you will be banned by the organizers´ decision without refund and you will have to leave game area.

1.12 Live animals
Live animals are not allowed on the vent, participants with pets such as dogs, cats, etc. will not be able to participate in the event.

1.13 In game material
It is strongly prohibited to remove or touch any game related signs or materials unless specified in the mission order.

1.14 Making fire
Making fire in the game area is strictly prohibited

1.15 Smoking
Smoking in other place other than the designated area for smoking will lead you to game ban.

1.16 Tents on the base
On base you can set up only tents with military colors or green will be allowed to enhance the realism. If you have colorful tent you must cover it with camo net or green tarmac.

1.17 Real firearms
Real firearms are not allowed on the event. Instant game ban in case of violation and you will be reported to the authorities.

2.0 LARP

2.1 LARP players as in game civilians and other special characters:
Civilians enter the game without weapons other that rubber knife. If there is a civilian bearing a weapon, it should be consider a non-civilian and rules of engagement shall be observed. When entering villas and towns, your weapon should be in safe and never point your weapon to a civilian unless you they are a threat to you.

2.2 Riot control rules:
Apply if a mob or civilian is stopped by a cordon or a squad of the involved Army. The civilians shall start hiding themselves and panic and scream when the shots are fired to the air. The UN or Army shall follow the rules of engagement. Keep in mind that civilians are not trying to get killed. They will look nervous and will run in lethal situation as that they are trying to save their lives. On the other hand civilians or angry mob can get manipulated by either tribal leaders, shamans or priests so their fanatical beliefs can get beyond rational beliefs.

2.3 Riot control commands:
– Verbal commands to the mob – when seeing the mob approaching
– Fire in the air – in the case of intensive danger
– Verbal command – second warning
– Fire in the air – second warning
– Verbal commands – last warning
– Use of force – involved game side has to face the consequences after such an act.

2.4 In game searches:
Players are allowed to game search in-game civilians anywhere on the game premises. After the in-game civilians receive verbal order to be searched he can choose two things.

Non-contact search: Searched player shows all the game artifacts to the searchers in the case ha has something in game that is so call illegal it is being automatically found.

Realistic search: Soldier searches the game participant where physical contact is allowed. The person that is searched can say at any time STOP and choose to have non-contact search. In that case searching person cannot continue in the physical searches.

2.5 Torture bondages and Interrogations:
Strictly banned!

2.6 Acting towards LARP players with respect:
It’s strictly prohibited to act aggressively and treating LARP players badly. Follow the rules of engagement in the OPORD. If you will act without common sense and in a way rude against LARP players be sure it will effect game development and will most probably have less LARP players next year!  None of the LARP players is willing to be treated badly, respect them and play LARP with honor.  If you don’t want to play LARP do not enter LARP areas.

2.7 In game LARP bandits:
In game bandits are represented by LARP players wearing bandana over their faces. While in contact with LARP bandits strictly follow the Rules of Engagement for bandits as mentioned in OPORD.

2.8 general Rules of Engagement for working with LARP players and ingame civilians
In-game civilians are no harm to other game sides, do not engage them unless being fired upon from the civilian side. Always remember than killing in-game civilians will have major impact on your game side victory status. 

2.9 Costumes
LARP players usually wear costumes.

2.10 LARP missions
Try to fulfill the LARP missions as best as you can, if you don’t want to LARP don’t go to the LARP village.  

3.0 Engagement Rules

FPS Limits are valid for all airsoft replicas in game without exceptions including vehicle mounted replicas. All replicas must undertake chrono test on the off zone before registration.  Cheating chrono (by not setting hop to 0 while taking chrono test and/or using different BBs than provided by Chrono crew, or using non –chrono marked replica in game will lead to instant game ban. Due to the variety of different spring standards we decided to set the weapon classes based on your weapons muzzle velocity in feet per second. Weapons must be chroned with 0,20 g BB´s. If you are unsure you may be on the edge between semi and full auto, we recommend that you check your weapon before coming.

Type FPS Safe distance ROF Special rules Chrono label
A    0-350 5 meters Full auto Pistol replica only Green
B 351-450 10 meters Full auto Assault replica Green
C 451-500 15 meters Single shot Assault/DMR replicas Yellow
D 451-500 15 meters Full Auto SAW/Support replicas only Yellow
E 501-550 30 meters Single shot Only sniper replicas Red

The maximum bullet weight for class A – D is 0,30g
The maximum bullet weight for class E is 0,43g

Note: Glass, clay, aluminum & steel BBs are strictly forbidden. MAX BIOVAL BB´s are forbidden due to their hard shell. They can break windshields of in-game vehicles and safety glasses (transparent BB´s are also forbidden to avoid misunderstandings). Preferably use Bio BBs.

For reference, one Joule with a 0.2g BB produces a muzzle velocity of 330 fps. For further equivalences, there is a useful calculator at http://www.1728.com/energy.htm.

For all weapons and ranges, head shots should be avoided as far as possible except where no other target is available.

3.2 Knife kill:
Player touched by other player by hand can be considered as knife kill.

3.3 LOW caps rule:
Players can use only LOW and MID caps in the game. No HIGH caps

3.4 Limited ammo rule:
A player can have on him/her in LOW and MID caps magazines only 500 BBs. If he shoots all the ammo he must go back to his base to the ammo depot to reload.
Reload takes 2 minutes in ammo depot area. Armies can have during main offensives mobile ammo depots. No reload in field unless next to an ammo depot crate and not further than 2 meters.

3.5 Machine gun and support weapons ammo:
Machine gun is a weapon that has front legs and appears like a machine gun. A machine gunner can have up to 2000 bullets at him. If he uses all the ammo he must go back to ammo depot for reload. He cannot share the ammo with anyone else.

  • Machine guns are allowed to have drum/box magazine (M60, M249, M240, PKM, MG36, MG3, Stoner LMG, etc.)
  • Support weapons are allowed as well to use their standard midcap/low cap magazines (L86, RPK, HK IAR, etc.)
  • All machine guns and support weapons are allowed to have electrical magazines but are also allowed to use their standard midcap/low cap magazines.

Machine gun and support weapons have 2000 BBs limit per weapon ammo and cannot be shared.
An assault replica with drum/box mag IS NOT A SUPPORT REPLICA. Drum/box magazines are exclusively to support replicas.

3.6 Ammo depot:
Can be destroyed and limit entire fractions ammo supply for 60 minutes no reload possible (Ammo depot has 60 minutes respawn).

3.7 First aim then shoot:
Spray and pray is not allowed while shooting you must shoulder your weapon and aim.
3.8 Artillery strike
Armies have available artillery and rocket barrages through the game. You will be noticed by organizer when you would be blown up.
Artillery strike can be announced only by the WARLAND STAFF (Person with WARLAND STAFF insignia and marking).  Players hit by artillery are all wounded except medic in the area.
Who is hit by artillery barrage and who is not is sole decision of WARLAND STAFF present.

3.9 Demolitions:
Buildings and vehicles can be blown up if you set up on them special in game demolition charge given to the player by their army CO or by the organizer.
Some areas or objects might be marked as demolished during the game with special sign.

3.10 Grenade launcher ammo rule:
If equipped with a grenade launcher (either weapon mounted or handheld) you can carry max. 6 shower grenades with each launcher. Refilling shower grenades is only allowed at ammo depots. It is allowed to use only grenades firing 6mm pellets single slug grenades are not allowed.
Minimum firing distance from a grenade launcher is 15 meters.

3.11 Sniper weapons:
Minimum firing distance is 30 meters and it is strictly forbidden to shoot with sniper replica inside buildings. Snipers can have ghillie suits and replica and must have a scope.

3.12 Rubber picks, showels, clubs, knives, machetes and other goodies
If softly touched by the weapon person is kill.

3.13 Booby traps:
Only non-pyro based booby traps shooting BBs are allowed, all booby traps must be checked by organizer at organizers tent. Airsoft claymore for example.

3.14 Special firing devices and mechanisms:
It might happen that in some part of the game special servo firing mechanism will play role please do not physically touch it or destroy it.

3.15 Mine field:
Areas signed with table with skull and bones with sign Minefield shall not be crossed. Passing through such an area is instant KIA Minefields markings are usually 10 – 15 meters from each other so will be visible. We trust your fairness.

3.16 Hit and Respawn:
Hit is considered while being hit anywhere in the player as well in his equipment he wears on him including the weapon by enemy or friendly player. If you are hit you shout HIT put your gun down, raise your arms including weapon and afterwards put on reflexive vest and walk to the respawn point. After you do so you come to the organizers tent on your base put your nickname in the causalities roster and you have 60 minutes until respawn from the moment being hit but you must visit HQ to do so.
Dead players are not allowed to talk with the others until reaching Respawn place. After respawn time, the player must walks back to his unit. During this journey he is not participating in the game and he can’t be killed. Use fastest route and not go through fighting areas. Have your reflection west on.

3.17 Medic:
Medic rules are an MILSIM add-on in order to simulate closer reality situation.
For people who are not able to understand the medic rules or they think there are too complicated for them – we suggest to simply go to respawn after you are hit.

How to react when you get hit:

  1. Player gets hit!
  2. Player pulls out his death rag (=reflex west)
  3. Wounded player got 10min without medical treatment or stabilization until he dies.
  4. A stabilized wounded player got 20min without medical treatment until he dies.

How to stabilize a player: To stabilize a wounded player, put him on his back and put his death rag back into his gear.
Advantage of being stabilized: A stabilized wounded player will have extended time to 20min for medical treatment until death.
Disadvantage of being stabilized: The stabilized wounded player will be again exposed to enemy fire. If a stabilized wounded player gets hit, he dies immediately, so you do a good job in evacuate your stabilized wounded players out of combat!
When Medic arrives:
1. If medic comes he will ask you for number – you will say number from 1–40 – after medic makes your diagnosis and proceed with treatment – based upon the medic table you will be informed on the results. Medic cannot heal anyone else until he is finished with you. Medic can choose to heal someone else if he wishes or your wounds are too complicated. Healing is explained in diagnosis table.
2. If the diagnosis number was already used wounded must say new one.
3. Bring your own bandages – if medic has no bandages he cannot heal you then you die
4. Medic cannot heal himself
5. Medic must have a pen to cross out diagnosis number
6. After player calls the diagnosis number – this number must be crossed out from the table by medic and not used again
7. It is prohibited to show diagnosis table to the players.
8. Table is available on HQ
How many medics:
9. SF – One medic per task assembly
10. Infantry – 3 medic per Platoon
11. Every Base HQ – 1 Medic
Civilians – village hospital – can heal people for money and remove “wounds – bandages etc.” as if going to the base.
Medic has Red Cross symbol on the arm.
Medic will go to HQ to pick his diagnosis table, if you run out diagnosis you go to HQ for new table – every table is different

3.18 CSH (Combat Support Hospital):
CSH station is forward line medical station which in some cases might be built in game, players transported or visiting CSH are able to remove their wounds effects after they are healed by combat Medic after engagement. CSH is marked by CSH sign.
If player is diagnosed as dead by the medic in field he must proceed to base for Respawn normally.

3.19 Forward line Ammo Dump:
Forward ammo resupply point might be built in some cases in game, every players is allowed to reload as many bbs to match the maximum ammo allowed. In order to reload you need to be issued an ammo reload card.
You are allowed to visit depot once in 30 minutes, take in consideration that ammo depot has limited amount of reload cards.
You cannot share reload cards among players.
Forward ammo depot is marked by special Ammo depot sign
Base ammo depot and reload rules are still valid.

3.20 Chemical and Biological Warfare Rules:
Chemical or Biochemical attack can be announced only by the WARLAND STAFF (Person with WARLAND STAFF insignia and marking).
If such a game event happen all players in announced area have to use GAS Mask or NBC suits. Everybody who will fail to put on Gas mask within 45 seconds will be automatically effected by Chemical or Biological weapon. Once taking on the gas mask make sure you do it in a way no one can hit you to the head with BBs. Common sense and Safety First rule applies!
Biochemical Weapon Effects – once you are marked as dead no healing from medic is possible once you are affected by Biochemical weapon, same respawn rules apply as when KIA.
Who is hit by biochemical weapon and who is not is sole decision of the organizer.

3.21 Decontamination chamber:
If decontamination of the player is needed, you must visit decontamination chamber on the base or in other in game facility. All long term effects of Biochemical weapon will be removed after decontamination in the chamber.

3.22 Gas masks:
Gas mask are definitely an in game benefit to the player but not mandatory, gas mask or NBC suit will allow player to enter contaminated areas or areas with potential biochemical threat. Once taking on the gas mask make sure you do it in a way no one can hit you to the head with BBs. Respirators are not enough for entering contaminated are but count as a gasmask in case of biochemical weapon.

3.23 Chemical engineer unit:
Chemical engineer specialist will be able to measure and detect biochemical threats in game. Gas mask, rubber poncho or NBC suit is a must.

3.24 Contaminated areas:
Areas marked with Biohazard sign are considered contaminated by Biochemical threat, players without gas masks or NBC suits are not allowed to entry this areas – If player without gas mask enters such an area – instant death with no healing option is a result.
Area of contamination is considered circle of 10 meters around the sign.

3.25 Back pack rule:
Backpacks could be used as a cover when they are not carried. Which means that you cannot use the backpack as cover:
– while any of shoulder straps are on your shoulders = you carry it
– while you are sitting down however the backpack is still attached to your back = you carry it
– you carry the bag in the hand
You can use the backpack as cover:
– part of base structure – is laying on the ground = you do not carry it
– to build a temporary makeshift base in middle of the filed when on the stop – you drop it on the ground and its stay there = you do not carry it
No further exemptions. No tricks like carrying bag full of Styrofoam around the battlefield just to have a big backpack. No folding sleeping mat etc. used as a cover. Just use your common sense. Its milsim, no “find a hole in rules” game.

4.0 Communication

4.1 Communication
Communication among in game participants is organized by the HQ of every game side. PMR frequencies including sub channels.

5.0 Vehicles

No civilian vehicles are allowed to enter the game area.

5.1 In game usage of vehicles:
Vehicles can be used in the game if approved on the Off zone during registration. Vehicles are used on the sole owners/drivers responsibility, organizers do not hold any responsibility for eventual damage to the cars and accidents caused by the vehicles. Vehicles can use only roads, any rides through terrain are forbidden. The maximum allowed speed for the game purposes is 20 km/h.

Following rules apply to regular technical, open toped vehicles and ATV vehicles:
There will be both military and civilian vehicles moving around in-game. These may be friendly or hostile, may be fired upon, and their drivers and passengers may be eliminated.
In the event of a vehicle is hit the driver will stop the engine and shout HIT. If the driver himself is not hit, he can disembark the vehicle and continue playing.  From that moment vehicle is immobilized and has (10 minutes damage period).

All passengers must immediately disembark the vehicle.  During the (10 minutes damage period vehicle can start to be repaired by engineer) if so, vehicle can continue in game after if it is repaired (10 minutes repair time by engineer).
If engineer will not start working on repair within 10 minutes after vehicle is hit vehicle leaks out of oil and is destroyed. Vehicle shall wait another 10 minutes on spot as a wreck before it can drive away to respawn.

Driver can also declare his vehicle being destroyed any time after being hit. By putting on orange markings and setting on signal lights blinking.  Destroyed vehicles will return to re-spawn with flying an orange flag or marking, to indicate that they are off-game.

To avoid misunderstandings, all participants bringing an in-game vehicle have to mark their vehicle with the TEAM-color on the windshield and with a small flag (40×20cm).

Insurgents, Guerillas, rebel fighters etc…– RED
Task Force – BLUE
PMC units – YELLOW
CN Observers – WHITE

You can use together with color a sign with the name of your side.

In-game vehicles may not travel at more than 20 km/h. Only authorized drivers may drive vehicles during the game, and only those vehicles that have been assigned to them. It is strictly prohibited to just get in a vehicle and drive off. Organizers´ vehicles and other off-game vehicles will be waving an orange flag.

Vehicle has a 60 minutes respawn as the driver. Vehicles cannot be captured. Vehicles cannot pass Antitank Obstacles and minefields.

NOTE: All neutralized/destroyed vehicles must show this clearly by having orange flags on both sides of the vehicle. And put on the blinking warning light!
Vehicle owners must prepare all needed markings.

Passenger are allowed to fire from the vehicles and can be fired upon.

We will check vehicle drivers and passenger during the event randomly.

No fuel and other costs of the vehicles are covered by the organizers.

Driver selects who he wants to transport or not.