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Below we will point out some of the main reasons that led us to conduct Operation WARLAND in Panama:

  1. Easy to get here. Panama is the Hub of Americas and many Airlines offer direct flights from several US cities, Europe and Latin America. Copa Airlines also offers you the possibility of landing in Panama, staying in the country for few days and then travel to other destinations, at no additional cost. It’s worth it to plan your vacation (Caribbean Islands, for example) along with our event!
  2. Panama does not require an entry visa for European, American and Latin American citizens.
  3. The opportunity to play in areas full of history built by the US Government as training centers for its forces.
  4. The U.S. dollar is the currency in Panama.
  5. Panama has many shopping malls, with international brands at amazing prices. Great for shopping.
  6. No restriction for replicas: they are considered toys and don’t need to have orange tip, etc. You can enter and leave the country with your replicas, no problem at all, if of course they are properly stored and unloaded.
  7. Tourism in Panama is not expensive. You can enjoy good hotels, good food, casinos, adult entertainment and beautiful beaches (Caribbean and Pacific) at prices that suit your needs.
  8.  Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America. Police is properly equipped and trained, laws are strict, employment opportunities are high, the basic education is guaranteed and a stable economy are the secrets of tranquility.
  9. There are modern and high quality hospitals.
  10. The Panamanians warm welcome!