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Since 2015, the civil war has raged the Latin American Republic of Antares, claiming the lives of approximately 75,000 people.

The two primary actors in the Antarean civil war are a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group, called the National Liberation Front or Frente de Liberación Nacional (FLN), and the government of Antares. However, like most civil wars, the conflict is much more complicated than this.

The FLN is supported by the North Konare, and Bolshevik governments while the Antarean government is supported by the League of Nations (LON) and NATO Countries.

With the help of the El Morro Cartel, FLN gained entrance into a lucrative and dangerous market—drugs. Drugs are the only commodity that is both profitable and easy to market allowing the FLN to earn millions of dollars from taxation and other involvement in the drug trade.
Evidence does not suggest that FLN is involved in the sale and trafficking of drugs abroad, but they do control the largest coca-producing region in Antares, and provide armed security to El Morro Cartel, in exchange the Cartel pays the FLN with money, high tech weaponry, logistical services and with mercenary services from a hitmen group known as The Hand (La Mano).

Drug trafficking has a long history and continues to pose an increased threat on Antares security. More importantly, the recognized association between drug trafficking and terrorism, known as “narco-terrorism,” promotes increased violence at every level of stability and security. The ongoing debate on how best to deal with narcoterrorism is a direct parallel to the ongoing debate on how best to deal with illicit drug trafficking and terrorism.

The fall of San Miguel, Antares’ second-largest city, in April marks the rapid territorial expansion of the FLN. Antares has been hurled into a new civil war where bodies are one of the battlefields left overs. Yet as a proto-government descends on San Miguel, the violence and repression faced by everyone opposed to the FLN are simply a continuation of the attacks against the citizens of Antares that have been politically, judicially and socially legitimated in a country breaking along sectarian lines. With the FLN making moves to advance on Antares City, fear is percolating of the yet-untold violence and repression, in which everyone opposed will be pawned in this battle for Antares City.

With the ever growing concern of Antares becoming a Narco State, the LON is demanding swift and decisive action in San Miguel and that the heads of FLN, El Morro Cartel and The Hand Criminal Organization are caught and brought to justice.

The situation is escalating rapidly as intel from the CIA and NATO Special Forces on the ground indicate that a mayor push from the Puerto Sidra region in San Miguel province is imminent.

With the mandate of the LON Task Force 36 is assembled out of elements of 26th Ranger Battalion and 5th Marine RECON with air support from the 99th Airmobile Squadron.

DEA Fast Team 3 has been attached to Task Force 36 to aid with direct actions against the Cartel.

The Rangers primary mission is to engage enemy forces in close combat and direct fire battles.  These missions includes direct action operations, raids, personnel and special equipment recovery, conventional or special light infantry operations, Anti-narcotic missions, Communication Intelligence Reconnaissance and Action (CIRA).

Additional to TF36, JSOTF Wolfpack was established to increase the number of Special mission teams to fulfill advanced reconnaissance behind enemy occupied lines and provide actionable intel to the Task Force Commander as well as to conduct surgical strikes on enemy forces, especially against The Hand.

With the support of Intelligence personnel, they are in charge of stopping the advance of the FLN, capture or kill its leadership in order to cripple FLN´s combat capabilities; Identify,  Capture, Sieze all assets and destroy all organization created by the Cartel´s  headsman named Pedro Arberlaez, better known as El Tigre (The Tiger).

Antarean Armed Forces (AAF), LON and NATO are on their heels, if Antarean City falls, the FLN will create a Narco State ruled by the Arbelaez Family. This could posed a threat to the entire western world.

Could the AAF, LON & Nato Forces fullfil this daring task?
Would the FLN with the help of El Morro Cartel and The Hand complete their dream of a Narco State?

All comes down to WARLAND: A SHOW OF FORCE