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The toughest missions, the best trained operators.  TF Wolfpack is comprised by several Special Forces Operational Detachment (ODA), Marine Special Operations Teams (MSOT) and Seal Team 5 operators.


JSOTF Wolfpack was established to increase the number of Special mission teams to fulfill advanced reconnaissance behind enemy occupied lines and provide actionable intel to the Task Force Commander as well as to conduct surgical strikes on enemy forces.

During operations in early 2017 Special Operations Detachments attached to Task Force 36 successfully conducted reconnaissance behind enemy lines, repelled attacks, provided valuable information on enemy forces and conducted surgical strikes on enemy occupied positions.  Later the same year a team was deployed to support actions during Operation The Dogs of War in the Republic of Lindiwe; unconfirmed reports indicate that enemy forces sustained an unconfirmed number of casualties by a small element operating detach from the main force and force enemy forces to retreat from an attack on the main operating base.


JSOTF Wolfpack primary missions range from counter-terrorism missions to unconventional warfare.  These missions include but are not limited to Counter-terrorism, Direct Action, Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance and Unconventional Warfare.  In addition to their primary missions they are also tasked with combat search and rescue (CSAR), counter-narcotics, counter-proliferation, hostage rescue, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian demining, information operations, peacekeeping, psychological operations, security assistance, and High Value Target (HVT) interdiction and/or extraction.  Special Forces can be virtually everywhere at once; this guarantees that they are first on the ground or already at a crisis location when trouble starts.



This information is classified TOP SECRET.


  • Uniform Camo Pattern: Special Forces players will use A-TACS FG or A-TACS IX pattern. Another option is woodland pattern. All team members will be required to use the same uniform. The use of shemagh or sniper vail is authorized for these players, as well as gillie suits for non-sniper players.  This game side is the only TF than can wear civilian clothing for special missions.
  • Head Gear: Special Forces players can wear boonnie or soft caps in matching uniform pattern, helmets will be worn at the discretion of the JSOTF Leadership.
  • Body Armor: Special Forces players are flexible in the wear of kits.  They can wear plate carriers or chest rigs.


This game side is designated for advance, discipline and hardcore MILSIM players.  Members of JSOTF WOLFPACK should know:

  • How to navigate with map and compass
  • Use a Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Use Night Vision Googles/Night Vision Devices
  • Know advanced radio communication protocols
  • Advance employment of small unit tactics
  • They must know to swim
  • They should be capable of operating with very little to no support
  • Must have the physical conditions to cover great distances both day and night throughout the event and strictly obey game rules.

We will enforce the dress code rule very strictly.  Fail to comply fully with this rule will result in extended respawn time of 2hrs per game life.